“Let everything that have breath, praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord” Psalms 150: 6

Purpose of the Blossoms Ministry
Blossom’s Ministry is Turning Point Ministries Children’s Choir. The purpose of the Blossom’s Ministry is to build Christian character while providing an opportunity for children to take a leadership role in the service. While praising the Lord, they develop a sense of responsibility for the ministry of the church and are able to identify with the traditional form of worship as they mature to become Disciples of Christ. As they sing songs they began to memorize scripture, which helps to instill in them an understanding of spiritual truth and the knowledge of God.

Music Director
A children’s choir doesn’t “just happen”. It takes a director who loves music and enjoys working with children. Our Minister of Music directs Blossom’s Ministry. Ages of the children range from four years old though the teenage years. Parents are encouraged to get their children involved in the Blossom’s Ministry.

The Blossom’s minister in song the fourth Sunday morning service of each month.

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